REMINDER: Exhibition Delivery Day – 25 July

This Saturday, 25 July is delivery day for your items entered in the 2015 Members’ Exhibition. They are to be delivered to the CQ room between 9am until 4.30pm.

You can also drop off you raffle books and check the roster.

Behind the scenes – what happens after delivery?

Check, Measure and Tag

Your quilt is checked to make sure it has a sleeve and both quilts and creative clothing are checked for a label.

Then your quilt is measured and tagged. Measured to make sure there is not too big a deviation from the measurements you supplied – it may not fit in the place it is planned to go.

The tags are the unique number given to each item, what category it is in, if it is entered for any special awards or is not for judging. These tags remain on the quilt until the exhibition comes down on 9 August.

Here are some volunteers from last year measuring and tagging:

delivery day _tagging delivery day_measuring delivery day_measuring2


We also photograph all the quilts for Canberra Quilters records, future publicity and production of the DVD/ CD.

Here are some volunteers helping  on photography day- those big quilts need some special handling! This is a good day to volunteer – you get to see and touch all the quilts.

photography_4 photography_5 photography_6 photography_7 photography_8


judging_3 judging_2 judging_1


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