February 11, 2014 | Posted in:Modern Quilt Group

Here is a message from one of the joint coordinators, Michelle:

Happy new year! Our modern group is meeting again this Thursday 13 February at 7.30 at the Cook rooms. 

Jenny and I thought we should name this month “Crossed Over” or something equally witty.  😉

Jenny will be demonstrating one type of cross block, and I will be demonstrating another.  I will bring along a heap of squares and you guys can have fun arranging on the design walls.  Or bring your own alone – for my method you will have to have 5 squares of each fabric.  you pick the size – 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch! Whatever you want. As long as they are all square, and the same size.

 No need for sewing machines on Thursday – it will be a night where we show off a lot of quilts for show and tell (please bring along!), chat, share and arrange squares of fabric.  Should be fun.

See you then!

crossed over

Arrange the squares to create crosses

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