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Quilters learn their craft in many different ways and using many different methods.

Sharing Sessions are an opportunity to help other people by showing off a trick that you have learned and hopefully you will come away from the session having picked up a new tip yourself.

At this session, you will receive some tips from valuers, judges and quilt teachers; explore ways of sewing bindings on with no hand sewing – yes that’s right! all machine work; you will work a false binding for Blanket of Love size quilts; look at facings; and see what tricks can be found to perfect corners and ends.

Givers, please let me know what you can contribute so I can organise your spotlight on the program.

New to quilting? No problem!

Beginners and experienced quilters are welcome at this session on Saturday June 28th from 9:30- 12:30 at Cook CQ room.

Bring your sewing machine, usual sewing supplies, a 3 layered pre-quilted fat quarter (or you might like to use orphan blocks to practise your binding or off-cuts (10cm x 30cm) from other projects ) Bring 2-3 coordinated fabrics (FQ or 30cm) to cut for binding strips.

Limited numbers, so bookings via Workshop Coordinator please, but the $5 payment is due on the day. click to email

If you would love to help with this project, contact the Workshop Coordinator to offer assistance! click to email

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  1. Andrea
    May 28, 2014

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    So … if one was to book a place at this, would it be a BINDING commitment? 🙂

    *ducks and runs*

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