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If you take a glance at the sidebar to the right of this blog, you will see that we have started a blog roll listing the blogs of various members of Canberra Quilters. For your assistance, it also shows when the blog was last updated.

The list is a little short at the moment. If you belong to Canberra Quilters and would like to be added to the blog roll, please leave a comment with your name and the url of your blog. You might even like to return the favour by adding Connecting the Blog to your blog roll or mentioning this blog in a blog post. Comments and links help make the blogosphere a vibrant world!


  1. aykayem
    June 17, 2008

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    Feel free to add my blog to the blogroll – it sometimes has quilty stuff on it, sometimes has crochet and/or other creative stuff on it, sometimes has photos of sunsets, the cat and dog, spiders, insects, etc. … and sometimes I find weird stuff on the www and post a few links and rave on about all sorts of weird things …
    Sometimes I go weeks and weeks between posts, but sometimes I post a bit more often.
    btw … I can’t remember if I have put this link on my blog … if not I will put it there next time I am fiddling with it.
    Andrea Carew

  2. Annie Whitsed
    January 17, 2009

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    another blog for the blog Roll

    Annie Whitsed


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