March 8, 2013 | Posted in:Art Quilters Canberra

The Art Quilters will be meeting tomorrow from 1-4pm. Here is a message from Wilma about the afternoon’s mini-workshop:

we are playing with food colouring, shaving cream, fabric and paper.

You will need all the above. The shaving cream can be “No Frill or Home brand” and you could share a container with a friend. The fabric needs to be white or off white several A5 pieces will be great.

Other things you will need are: newspaper to protect the tables, gloves, wooden spoon or a small stick and a squeegee(old credit card or a piece of firm card board).

I would encourage recycling your used  printing paper while you are trying this method out.

I will bring trays, food colouring and anything else I can think off.

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