Art Quilters meet on Saturday 14 June- a mystery mini-workshop is on offer

The Art Quilters are meeting on Saturday 14 June from 1pm until 4pm.

Participants are asked to bring their four-step pieces for display.

RECAP: This was the challenge set earlier in the year –

We will be doing a four month project taking a piece of fabric and working up from the background in four steps:

  • Colour:  you can start by dyeing, bleaching, shibori, batik, rusting, etc.
  • Marking:  next level will be stamping, free-hand painting, stencilling, etc.
  • Applique:  this could be regular applique, reverse applique, adding sheers, etc
  • Embellishment:  this could include machine or hand embroidery, or beading, etc.

We decided you can make your piece any size you would like.  Each month you can bring your project to the meetings to Show&Tell and we can help if anyone is stuck with what to do with the next layer.  If this project goes well, we may repeat it but at each layer, hand the piece on to someone else, eventually to return to its owner.

And a last minute message from Buffy:

Last Minute Mini-Workshop: A Mystery

Please bring acrylic paints or inks, PVA glue, paintbrush and something to protect the desks … I will bring the rest (hohoho … pirate evil laugh)

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