Canberra  Quilters Inc. holds a number of workshops throughout the year available to both members and guests. 

Below is a list  of  workshops  from March – December 2018

March 17th. (Date to be confirmed) Fun with Fabric with Mary Kennedy.
Cost $130 (includes, dues and fabric)

This Workshop is about having fun with dyes and printing on fabric. Come along and try your hand at designing your own special fabric.

March 24 & 25th. Flying into Colours with Helen Godden.
Cost $140 members $150 non members

Introducing Helen’s technique of Paintchwork….that is, painted not pieced patchwork working with luminous acrylic fabric paints.
Day 1. chose from 20 designs for your own Flying Into Colours wall hanging 50 x 70cm. Helen will demonstrate how to trace and then paint and combine colours to blend painted ribbons and Paintchwork onto black fabric.
Day 2 with Helen’s expert guidance, booklet of Free-Motion designs and lots of demonstrating, students will enhance their piece with a wide variety of free-motion quilting styles to complement their work. Students will then paint again, this time into their free-motion stitching, enhancing and adding so much life and energy into their individual and unique work.
This class is a lot of fun and very exciting as student’s gain confidence in painting and in free-motion and their work comes to life in full colour!

April 21st – Mirabella Bag – with Monica Poole.
Cost  $110 for members and $120 non- members.

This versatile bag converts from a shoulder bag to a cute backpack. It has a secure zipper top closure, a set in zipper pocket on the front as well as pockets on the inside. Monica will guide you through all of the steps and show you how to attach bag hardware for a professional looking bag.

April 22nd – Quilt as You Go with Monica Poole
Cost  $110 for members and $120 non- members.

This technique enables you to quilt each section of your quilt with ease before joining it together with Monica’s simple fully machine sewn method. Even the bindings can be machine sewn with a neat 1″ (25 mm) wide modern finish which looks great and is perfect for busy sewers. The quilts are not tricky or complicated, they have been designed to make you say, “Yes, I can make that”.

May 5th – Lucy Boston with Janelle Noak
Cost  $110 for members and $120 non- members.

If you have wanted to try this technique, beware! It is addictive. Janelle’s ‘Lucy Boston’ quilt featured in Quiltmania a few years ago and we are lucky enough to have her share her skills and techniques with us.

May 19th – Introduction to Patchwork.
Cost $50 for members and non-members

If you would like to find out a bit more about Patchwork then this on e day Workshop will give you an overview of our craft and introduce you to our guild.

June 2nd Boro inspired pouch with Wendy Saclier
cost $70 for members and $80 non-members

Wendy needs no introduction, her work in the Japanese style of stitching is legend! We all remember Wendy’s amazing Boro inspired jeans that featured at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition a few years ago and we are lucky enough to have her share her skills with us. This one day Workshop will soon having you create your own ‘Boro inspired’ masterpiece.

July 7th and 8th – Template Design Workshop with Beth and Trevor Reid

Cost $100 for members and $110 non-members

This workshop explores cutting a template to be used as a repeat design and its possible variations.

Design options will be explored along with the use of colour and contrast, patterned fabrics versus plain, large and small print and the use of contemporary fabrics such as batiks and ombre’d.

Utilising fabrics from the stash, the design can be used to construct a small quilt, wall hanging or table runner or the beginnings of a larger quilt. The top can be constructed as quilt as you go or stitched together and quilted as a whole.

Cutting a template will be demonstrated and there will be the opportunity to design and cut your own, however, there will be templates ready made to use. You will be guided through the design process, cutting methods, and construction allowing your own creative ideas to be explored.

September 1st – Fabric Wallet with Kay Provins

Cost: $30.00 for members, $40.00 for non-members

This is a skill sharing workshop. Costs include morning tea and pattern.

November 3rd – Fun with Fabric with Mary Kennedy.
Cost $130 for members, $140 for non-members (includes, dyes and fabric)

This Workshop is about having fun with dyes and printing on fabric. Come along and try your hand at designing your own special fabric.

December 1st – Crazy Patchwork with Wendy Saclier

Cost: $60 for members, $70.00 for non-members

This small project would make a lovely gift for someone special, just in time for Christmas.


October 13th – “Cityscapes” with Lisa Walton

Cost $80.00 which includes $30 of materials which will be provided.

The workshop is called Cityscapes and the following descriptions are from her website (  

 “Simple bargello style piecing, stamp carving and screen printing or stenciling will inspire and delight! Finish with decorative free motion quilting for a unique work of art.”  

 One Day workshop

  • Students will be provided with their choice of a hand painted fabric, stamp carving material and tools and use of Thermofax Screens and paints.
  • Fabric will be sliced and reassembled and then embellished with hand carved stamp designs and screen prints to create their own cityscape.
  • Quilt top will then be prepared for quilting which can be started if time permits.

Finishing options will be demonstrated.

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