Exhibition Sales Room

All adult members selling items in the Sales Room are obliged to volunteer in the Sales Room. The number of items you are submitting for sale determines the number of shifts you need to perform. One shift for each 50 items to be submitted, or part thereof, up to a maximum of 200 items (condition 16).
If you are required to do two shifts (that is you have submitted up to 100 items for sale) those shifts must be done on the same day. A short break may be taken between shifts.
Three or four shifts must be done over only two days.
You are expected to arrive on time and remain at your assigned roster task for the duration of your shift, except for necessary toilet breaks.
A shift is 2.25 hours and there is no provision for a tea break or to consume beverages while on duty.
You must indicate at least one alternative shift in the Sales Room.
Only members with previous Sales Room experience (particularly packing up) are encouraged to volunteer for the final shift on the last day. This shift extends to 6.30 pm. Complete this form if you intend to sell any items, either in the Sales Room or in the exhibition. You may not sell items that compete with merchant hall stallholders. Read the form carefully, complete every applicable section.