New library items for June and July 2015

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TITLE: Quilting beauties : come in all shapes & sizes

AUTHOR: Neary, Karen

DESCRIPTION: A fresh look and creative take on the versatile New York Beauty block.

LOCATION: New York Beauty



TITLE: Paper pieced modern : step-by-step visual guide

AUTHOR: Garro, Amy

DESCRIPTION: The definitive guide to paper piecing for modern quilters.

LOCATION: Modern Quilts



TITLE: Modern rainbow : 14 imaginative quilts that play with color

AUTHOR: Bryan, Rebecca

DESCRIPTION: Learn the art of combining colors from the rainbow.




TITLE: By the block : 18 surprisingly simple quilts

AUTHOR: Rogers, Siobhan

DESCRIPTION: This book shows the time-poor quilter how to make sophisticated, complex-looking quilts that are based on easy-to-assemble quilt blocks.




TITLE: Wild blooms and colourful creatures

AUTHOR: Williams, Wendy

DESCRIPTION: Wendy Willams, an Australian quilter, and a member of the Material Obsession team. Give your applique a fresh new look by mixing wool with cotton and linen fabrics.

LOCATION: Applique



TITLE: When bad things happen to good quilters : a guide to starting, fixing, and finishing your quilting projects

AUTHOR: Ford, Joan

DESCRIPTION: Survival guide for fixing & finishing any quilting project.




TITLE: Zentangle stitches for quilters and fabric artists

AUTHOR: Monk, Jane

DESCRIPTION: For the doodler. Stitching repetitive designs on fabrics. Jane shows you how to combine tangling and stitching to create beautiful art quilts, useful décor items, and heartfelt gifts.

LOCATION: Quilting



TITLE: First time tangle quilting : step-by-step basics

DESCRIPTION: Tangle art is drawing repetitive patterns within simple structures and for the quilter adopting this technique and applying it to quilting.

LOCATION: Quilting



TITLE: Temari techniques : a visual guide to making Japanese embroidered thread balls

AUTHOR: Suess, Barbara B.

DESCRIPTION: Here is everything you need to learn an exotic Japanese handcraft. Deceptively simple to make, temari are perfect carry-along projects. With little more than a needle and colourful embroidery threads, they will busy your hands, soothe your mind, and fire your imagination.

LOCATION: Japanese


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New Library items for May 2015

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TITLE: Stack, shuffle, and slide : a new technique for stack the deck quilts

AUTHOR: Alexander, Karla

DESCRIPTION: Stack fabric squares or rectangles, all right side up into a ‘deck’ and then slice the deck into various shapes. The shapes are then shuffled and each layer is sewn back together. Karla has then introduced another step, called the slide, which is actually a second shuffle to create some amazing results.




TITLE: Cultural fusion quilts : a melting pot of piecing traditions : 15 free-form block projects

AUTHOR: Shah, Sujata

DESCRIPTION: Transform traditional quilt blocks into modern quilts inspired by the colours and crafts of India, Africa, and the American South.





TITLE: Top your table : 10 quilts in different shapes and sizes

DESCRIPTION: Easy applique. Quick piecing. Make one this weekend! A variety of styles to brighten any room with small quilts that are a joy to make and sure to please – several patterns would also make sweet doll or baby quilts.





TITLE: Kafe Fassett’s brilliant little patchworks : 20 stitched and patched projects using Kaffe Fassett fabrics

AUTHOR: Fassett, Kaffe

DESCRIPTION: Kaffe creates a wonderful range of small projects for your home, for yourself, or to give as gifts, from his specially chosen fabrics. From cushions and mini quilts to table runners and shawls, these projects come together in a snap.




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New library items for April 2015

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9781604601046TITLE: The ancient art of applique : patterns from the tentmakers of Cairo

DESCRIPTION: Based on ancient Egyptian art and architecture from buildings, tombs and scrolls, these 18 designs will enhance traditional or modern applique quilts. Jenny Bowker features in this book which gives on-the-scene reporting from the tentmakers’ street in Cairo.



9781574329360TITLE: Wonderful 1 fabric quilts

AUTHOR: Nickols, Kay

DESCRIPTION: Start with just one border-striped fabric and you’re on your way to creating a unique, one-of-a kind quilt! Blocks, borders and bindings all cut from the same fabric.



9781574326475TITLE: Wonderful 1 fabric curves

AUTHOR: Nickols, Kay

DESCRIPTION: One border fabric + one block = unlimited designs!  The ‘Drunkard’s path’ block and the versatility of border print fabrics are a winning combination for that fabulous quilt.



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New items for November 2014

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TITLE: Quilting… just a little bit crazy : a marriage of traditional & crazy quilting

AUTHOR: Aller, Allie & Bothell, Valerie

DESCRIPTION: Fun new ways to make any quilt a little bit crazy. Lots of tips on hand and machine embroidery, and how to combine crazy quilting with machine piecing – plus new ways to layer, quilt, and bind crazy quilts.

LOCATION: Crazy quilting

TITLE: Playful little paper-pieced projects : 37 graphic designs & tips from top modern quilters

AUTHOR: Bruecher, Tacha, compiler

DESCRIPTION: Top designers share their valuable tips and fail-proof paper-piecing techniques. It includes a calendar quilt with paper-pieced designs for each month. Also includes small projects for around the house.

LOCATION: Paper piecing

TITLE: Quilt color workshop

AUTHOR: Bruecher, Tacha; Greenberg, Brioni; Goldsworthy, Lynne and Adams, John

DESCRIPTION: Color theory is explored in this reference book for modern quilters. Discover creative color combinations to make your quilts ‘pop’. Learn how to combine print and solid fabrics using quilt color theory.


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New items for October 2014

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TITLE: Pictorial art quilt guidebook : secrets to capturing your photos in fabric

AUTHOR: Wiener, Leni Levenson

DESCRIPTION: This book has three sections. In the first section you will learn about colour, value and print scale. In the second section, you will make an art quilt, step by step as if you were in one of Leni’s workshops. The final section gives you easy and practical ways to approach common elements in art quilts such as trees, water, and tricks to do faces. Leni discusses using GIMP, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements to make your patterns from the photos.

LOCATION: Pictorial quilts



TITLE: William Morris in applique : 6 stunning projects and over 40 individual designs

AUTHOR: Hill, Michele

DESCRIPTION: William Morris devotee and world renowned quilter, Michele Hill has designed a collection of six magnificent projects, capturing the beauty of his designs in applique.

LOCATION: Applique



TITLE: Patchwork prisoners : the Rajah Quilt and the women who made it

AUTHOR: Cowley, Trudy and Snowden, Dianne

DESCRIPTION: This book is a study of the 180 female convicts who were transported on the convict ship ‘Rajah’ from England to Hobart in 1841. It is also a study of the ‘Rajah Quilt’ and the convicts who may have been involved in making it during their voyage to Van Diemen’s Land. The role of Miss Kezia Hayter, the ship’s matron, in making the quilt is also explored.

LOCATION: Australian

TITLE: Works on cloth : imagery by artists of Baker Lake, Nunavut (British Columbia)

DESCRIPTION: This exhibition of wall hangings from Baker Lake brings together art works by fifteen contemporary artists, showing traditional (Inuit) and contemporary elements

LOCATION: Wall hangings

TITLE: Listen to your quilt : select the perfect quilting every time ; 4 simple steps

AUTHOR: Persing, Barbara

DESCRIPTION: How should I quilt this? Barbara asks herself four questions. They are: What is the category of this quilt? (Traditional, Children’s, Art); What is the intened use of this quilt? (Bed, Wall, Show); What quilting is needed to enhance this quilt? (All over, Partial, Heirloom); What thread colour should I use? (Matching, Contrasting, Variegated)

LOCATION: Quilting

TITLE: Modern color : an illustrated guide to dyeing fabric for modern quilts

AUTHOR: Eichler-Messmer, Kim

DESCRIPTION: Learn how to dye fabrics expertly using simple recipes for stunning effects. This book features 9 modern quilted projects – in multiple colorways – showcasing the beauty of hand-dyed fabrics. Learn how to create a truly individual quilt for which you’re the fabric designer, quilt designer, and quiltmaker.



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New library items for September 2014

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9781936096718TITLE: The ultimate guide to art quilting : surface design, patchwork; applique, quilting, embellishing, finishing

AUTHOR: Seward, Linda

DESCRIPTION: Contemporary quilters are expressing their artistic talents in ways never before imagined, and this book provides all the instruction you need in both classic and innovative techniques to lift your own quilting to new creative heights.

LOCATION: Art quilts



TITLE: New classic patchwork : 78 original motifs and 10 projects

AUTHOR: Saito, Yoko

DESCRIPTION: Yoko Saito offers you a cornucopia of original block designs in her signature taupe quilting style. She brings her matchless interpretation of folk-inspired blocks: stars, crosses, triangles, pinwheels, circles, and other geometric shapes to make bags, baskets, and pouches.

LOCATION: Neutrals

TITLE: Modern perspectives : 12 patterns for meaningful quilts

AUTHOR: Knauer, Thomas

DESCRIPTION: Do more than learn the how-tos of making engaging, usable quilts – you will explore the idea of why you quilt and the meaning behind your personal art. Popular quilt and fabric designer Thomas Knauer leads the conversation, sharing the whys behind these quilts. You will see that inspiration can come from anywhere: your thoughts on current issues, your bond with an online community, your relationship to traditional quilting, a sweet comment made by a child.

LOCATION: Modern quilts

TITLE: Exploring dimension in quilt art

AUTHOR: Barnes, C. June

DESCRIPTION: A fascinating guide to creating stunning dimensional effects in quilt art, from simple textured quilts to elaborate three-dimensional structures, vessels and hanging installations. From folding and gathering, which raises the surface just a little, through arranging the surface in stacks, spirals and twists, to more complex piecing of exciting spheres, pyramids, cylinders and more.

LOCATION: Art quilts

TITLE: Quilt me! : using inspirational fabrics to create over 20 beautiful quilts

AUTHOR: Brocket, Jane

DESCRIPTION: Jane’s philosophy is to start with lovely fabrics, choose simple shapes and designs, and don’t worry about perfection, throw out unnecessary rules and complications, and enjoy making and using quilts. From the shop-bought purpose-made, lightweight quilting cottons of recent years, Jane suggests returning to the traditional patchwork and quilting values, of using whatever is at hand and this could be furnishing fabric, an old garment or a practical household textile.

LOCATION: Modern quilts


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New library items for August 2014

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TITLE: Bargello quilts in motion : a new look for strip-pieced quilts

AUTHOR: Berry, Ruth Ann

DESCRIPTION: A spectacular new twist on the classic Bargello quilt.

LOCATION: Bargello



TITLE: Uncommonly corduroy : quilt patterns, bag patterns and more

AUTHOR: Dunphy, Stephanie

DESCRIPTION: Try corduroy, use it with traditional quilting cottons, or combine it with other fabrics such as flannel.

LOCATION: Projects



TITLE: The handbook of natural plant dyes : personalize your craft with organic colors from acorns, blackberries, coffee, and other everyday ingredients

AUTHOR: Duerr, Sasha

DESCRIPTION: Through step-by-step instructions and colour saturated photographs, Sasha Duerr explains the basics of making and using natural plant dye, from gathering materials and making the dyes to simple ideas for how to use them.




TITLE: Quilt lab! : the creative lab of science : 12 clever projects

AUTHOR: Winston, Alexandra

DESCRIPTION: 12 science-inspired quilt designs to ignite your intellect and imagination. Easy-to-use charts eliminate challenging mathematical pattern problems.

LOCATION: Modern quilts



TITLE: Quilting with a modern slant : people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the modern Quilt Community

AUTHOR: May, Rachel

DESCRIPTION: Tour the varied world of modern quilting through the stories and works of more than 70 of its most exciting artists. Along with a compelling inside look at their creations, the quilters offer step-by-step instructions on favourite improvisational techniques and quilting projects.

LOCATION: Modern quilts



TITLE: Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! : make 12 fun projects for boys to enjoy

AUTHOR: Yosten, Angela

DESCRIPTION: Full-sized patterns for a quilt, pillows, shirts, messenger bag, shower curtain, towels and more. Combine projects to create a fun traffic theme in any room.

LOCATION: Children







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New library items for July 2014

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TITLE: Textile adventures : mixed media and stitch

AUTHOR: Hall, Isobel

DESCRIPTION: Work in unusual ways with ‘scrimmy papers’, baby wipes, bubble wrap, weed suppressant and plain flour to make beautiful, exquisite useable, robust items.

LOCATION: Projects

quilting on the go

TITLE: Quilting on the go

AUTHOR: Alexandrakis, Jessica

DESCRIPTION: Break free from the sewing machine! Imagine being able to quilt on vacation, at the beach, or virtually anywhere else you find yourself.

LOCATION: Paper piecing



TITLE: Marble your own quilt fabrics

AUTHOR: Fawcett, Kathy and Shoaf, Carol

DESCRIPTION: Create beautiful marbled fabrics for your quilts and other needlework projects.




TITLE: Quilting for the paws

AUTHOR: Duling, Karen

DESCRIPTION: Celebrate the joy of having a pet with one of these delightful projects!




TITLE: Modern neutrals : a fresh look at neutral quilt patterns

AUTHOR: Ellis, Amy

DESCRIPTION: With her spot-on design sense, Amy Ellis shows how to use neutrals – including large-scale prints, solids, and tonal fabrics – in stunning quilts.

LOCATION: Neutrals



TITLE: Shibori : designs & techniques

AUTHOR: Southan, Mandy

DESCRIPTION: Mandy Southan uses step by step photographs and clear instructions on dyeing different fabrics; a wide range of shibori techniques are explained; and eighteen beautiful projects with many variations are given.

LOCATION: Dyeing; Japanese



TITLE: Color essentials : crisp & vibrant quilts : 12 modern projects featuring precut solids

AUTHOR: Murphy, Amanda

DESCRIPTION: This book inspires you to experiment with solids to gain a deep understanding of how colour functions.

LOCATION: Modern quilts; Colour



 TITLE: The farmer’s wife sampler quilt : letters from 1920s farm wives and the 111 blocks they inspired

AUTHOR: Hird, Laurie Aaron

DESCRIPTION: A members request. Laurie provides everything you need to be inspired and create your own sampler quilt. This includes 111 six-inch blocks with assembly diagrams for piecing; complete instructions for making a sampler quilt in any traditional size; a CD with easy-to-print full-sized templates for all 111 blocks; and 48 letters from the 1922 ‘Farmer’s Wife’ contest to give you a priceless glimpse into America’s past.

LOCATION: American; Blocks




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New library items for June 2014

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9781607058373 TITLE: Backyard birds AUTHOR: Goldsmith, Becky and Jenkins Linda DESCRIPTION: Stitch up a flock of cheery applique birds with 12 easy blocks to mix and match, or sew them all into a 52” x 65” quilt with applique borders. LOCATION: Patterns; Animals; Applique   9781607056942 TITLE: Instruments of praise AUTHOR: Wylie, Kathy K. DESCRIPTION: Full-sized pattern and instructions for 4 blocks and corner motif inspired by Psalm 150. Each block features a different musical instrument. LOCATION: Patterns 9781607052012   TITLE: Wonky one-block quilts : simple technique, dramatic results. AUTHOR: Carter, Marlous DESCRIPTION: Trim traditional blocks at a new angle to easily create dramatic patterns. LOCATION: Blocks   9781596688582 TITLE: Japanese quilting : piece by piece AUTHOR: Saito, Yoko DESCRIPTION: Yoko explores traditional folk themes and interprets them with a vintage yet modern feel. LOCATION: Japanese 9781607057420   TITLE: Fresh pineapple possibilities AUTHOR: Hall, Jane and Haywood, Dixie DESCRIPTION: 11 quilt blocks, exciting variations – classic, flying geese, off-centre & more. LOCATION: Pineapples 9780987095701   TITLE: Orizomegami : fold and dye designs for paper and fabric AUTHOR: Lawson, Kristin DESCRIPTION: An untold number of fold and dye possibilities awaiting discovery! LOCATION: Dyeing 9781741968859   TITLE: Material obsession : contemporary quilt design AUTHOR: Doughty, Kathy and Fielke, Sarah DESCRIPTION: Kathy andSarah share 23 of their distinctive, colourful and contemporary designs. LOCATION: Modern quilts        9781607058229 TITLE: Making quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession AUTHOR: Doughty, Kathy DESCRIPTION: Learn how to make good decisions relating to color, value, and contrast for balanced impact. LOCATION: Modern quilts 9781607058472   TITLE: Adding layers : color, design & imagination AUTHOR: Doughty, Kathy DESCRIPTION: Take your quilting to a new level!Build your confidence and skills, while letting your creativity flow. LOCATION: Modern quilts

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New library items for April 2014

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TITLE: Daily beauty : 365 ways to play with everyday quilt embellishments

AUTHOR: Trentini, Cecile

DESCRIPTION: Add the magic of everyday life to yur quilts. Give new life to leftover ribbons and lace, buttons and beads, sequins and tulle, and more!

LOCATION: Embellishing


TITLE: Word play quilts : easy techniques from the UnRuly quilter

AUTHOR: Ricucci, Tonya

DESCRIPTION: Tonya presents a terrific technique for free-pieced letters. It’s your chance to break rules, mismatch, go wonky, and enjoy yourself!

LOCATION: Strip piecing



TITLE: Mark making : fresh inspiration for quilt and fiber artists

AUTHOR: Parrott, Helen

DESCRIPTION: Discover how the simplest marks – stitched lines and knots – can be used to create graphically compelling art!

LOCATION: Art quilts



TITLE: Quilts from textured solids : 20 rich projects to piece & applique

AUTHOR: Schaefer, Kim

DESCRIPTION: Lack of pattern in the fabrics allows the viewer to focus on the design of the quilt and the actual quilting.

LOCATION: Modern quilts



TITLE: Quilt grandeur : 20 designs from rowan for patchwork and quilting

AUTHOR: Fassett, Kaffe

DESCRIPTION: Port Eliot, the stately Cornish home owned by Lord and Lady St Germans, provides the perfect backdrop for this collection of 20 quilts by Kaffe Fassett and his team.

LOCATION: Modern quilts


TITLE: A quilter’s ark : more than 50 designs for foundation piecing

AUTHOR: Rolfe, Margaret

DESCRIPTION: Discover 53 delightful foundation-pieced block designs by Canberra Quilters life member, Margaret Rolfe in this new second edition.

LOCATION: Foundation piecing



TITLE: Get addicted to free-motion quilting : go from simple to sensational

AUTHOR: Snyder, Sheila Sinclair

DESCRIPTION: Try each motif in three versions : simple, more involved, and fabulously over the top!

LOCATION: Quilting



TITLE: Filler up quilting designs

AUTHOR: Haddadin, Renae

DESCRIPTION: Beautifully finish your quilts with this pictorial reference for choosing and sewing eye-catching filler stitches.

LOCATION: Quilting



TITLE: Art quilt maps : capture a sense of place with fibre collage – a visual guide

AUTHOR: Goodwin, Valerie S.

DESCRIPTION: Find inspiration in real and imaginary sites, in old maps, in poetry, and in memories. Transform a place’s essential lines and shapes into quilt designs. Make luminous textures with fabric layering, paints, stamps, stencils, drawing, and applique.

LOCATION: Art quilts






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