March 14, 2008 | Posted in:Workshops

Dijanne Cevaal will be running two two-day workshops on “Playing with Tifaifai” (Polynesian-style quilting) at Braidwood Townstay Workshop Arts Space. See Dijanne’s blog for some images of student work from last year’s workshops – some of the participants came up from the south coast for the workshop, and really loved it.

  • Dates are: May 24th & 25th (Saturday & Sunday)
    May 26th & 27th (Monday & Tuesday
  • Workshop cost: $180
  • Accommodation cost (if staying onsite): $40 per person per night

Contact Fiona Hammond for bookings or more information on: (02) 4849 4489 or email

Go to for more information about the venue.

(Sorry this contact info was missing in March Connecting Threads!)

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