Tentmakers Workshops

Outing the pattern with talc and cinnamon.

Over sixty Canberra Quilters were privileged to learn from master craftsmen Hany and Ekramy from Cairo’s Chareh El- Khiamiah: The Tentmaker’s street. Sponsor, Jenny Bowker suggested that quilters learn the basics of this style of applique as the Egyptians practise the art, so we  marked patterns with needles and awls, transferred patterns with cinnamon and talc and tried our hardest to sew faster on the canvas backed cotton backgrounds with long threads.

Crowding around to see the magic happen.
Crowding around to see the magic happen.


Jenny provided an inciteful commentry, and storytelling so that we could more fully understand the traditions and background of this traditional quilt form.

The room was awash with gorgeous multicoloured and truly amazing quilt works which were available for sale on Thursday night.

Examples of the Tent Makers work.
Examples of the Tent Makers work.


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