Small Japanese Projects meeting – 24 May

The next meeting of the Small Japanese Projects group is on 24 May, from 10am-noon, in the CQ room at Cook Community Hub.

The project will extend over two meetings – it is a chiku chiku binding for a basket. AT this meeting you will be working on the binding and at the June meeting you will be attaching the binding to the basket. Convenor Karen has provided and image of her basket and a requirements list.

  • Raffia Basket.  Karen got hers from K Mart for $6.oo.  It is approx. 12”x 9” x 4”.  Raffia or water hyacinth are easy to stitch through when sewing the completed binding onto the basket.
  • Homespun fabric. Approx 6” strip x width of fabric for this size basket.  If yours is larger make it length of circumference of basket edge plus 6”.  This allows for shrinkage as you sew on the fabrics.
  • Fabric Scraps. Lots of different fabrics patterned and plain.  If you want a simple binding use less fabric mix and bigger pieces.
  • Sashiko Threads. Mix up different colours like Karen did or use one colour if you prefer.  If you haven’t got sashiko thread, you can use cotton perle, crochet cotton or broder cotton.
  • Large eyed needle for Sashiko thread.
  • Pins, Scissors, thimble.

Don’t forget to bring your show & tell from previous projects, plus anything else you would like to share.

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