Small Japanese Projects meeting – 22 March


The next meeting of the Small Japanese Projects group is on Wednesday 22 March, 10am – 12 noon, in the CQ room. It is followed by a drop-in for members until 4pm.

Starts with a chat and then moves onto show and tell of any Japanese inspired items you have and hopefully Some of the Ready Threaded Needle Case from the February meeting.

This month’s project is English Paper pieced Pentagon Balls, led by Karen.  The image below gives you an idea of what will be made.

Pentagon balls

The size has been reduced from the original pattern to make the balls smaller.

Requirements for this project are:

  • General sewing supplies, Scissors, thread, needles etc.
  • Assorted fabrics at least 3” square.  There are 12 pentagons per ball, Karen used 6 different fabrics.
  • Some light cardboard to cut  templates for fabric and papers.  ( If you want to cut then before hand the five sides measure, 1 1/2” and 1 1/4” for larger ball or 1 1/4” and 7/8th” for small ball.
  • Some paper to cut up for papers. ( Recycle your photocopy paper)
  • Some fibrefill for stuffing the balls.


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