Small Japanese Projects – 22 April

A message from co-ordinator Wendy:

This month Shuji from Wabi Sabi Design has generously volunteered to run an indigo dyeing workshop with us. This follows on really well from Karen and Wendy’s show and tell of items they dyed in Japan.

We aren’t likely to do something as complex as the photo, though! He will provide the dye solution. All you need to bring is some white or off white cotton fabric, or if you prefer, you can buy some as listed below. You might want to wear a cover-up.

From Shuji:

  • The class is 50 minutes.
  • Bring your own fabric (not too big please, less than 1/2 metre) then dyeing is free.
  • I will bring plain white cotton handkerchief (45cm x 45cm/$5) and scarf (35cm x 150cm/$10) to buy on the spot.

Shuji will provide rubber bands, and some threads and needles if you wish to stitch patterns in the cloth (shibori) before dyeing it. Because this is a hands on workshop, numbers are limited to 20 people. Preference is given to Small Japanese Project members. RSVP to

Patricia will show us the projects she is planning for the May meeting.

indigo shibori

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