Rowmakers – review and catchup

The ROWmakers design group held their July meeting on the 9th. This was the last meeting before the exhibition break. The room is closed for general use in the lead up and during the exhibition (9-25 August inclusive). Having a break will give some of us some catch-up time! Our next meeting will be on 10 September.

Here is a message from our convenor, Joanne:

It was a quiet meeting on Wednesday – not uncommon in midwinter. And it’s a bit hard to compete with the Sydney Quilt Show, holidays somewhere warm and grandkids on school holidays.

Most of the ladies who brought their quilts to show had already chosen ingredients, so the two who hadn’t got to choose two each:-

 . WARM COLOURS (Anne Bentley)

 . CRAZY PIECING (Wendy Hirst)

 . “S” (Anne Bentley)

 . “H” (Wendy Hirst)

We’ll be having a break during August and meeting again in September. I hope there’ll be lots to see – and if you bring something there’s a good chance you’ll get to choose the ingredients. There’ll be only two rounds to go and choosing something that suits you can make things so much easier.

There has been some discussion after the meeting about colours that could meet the ‘H’ choice. We have come up with henna, heliotrope, hyacinth. For ‘S’ you have scarlet as the obvious choice! ‘Warm colours’ gives you half a colour wheel to think about.

Here are some images from the meeting:

round5_3  round5_2 round5_4v2round5_5 round5_6 round5_7 round5_1

Two members who couldn’t attend (Jacquie and Heather), sent images of their respective responses. Heather sent the alphabet ‘Eye Spy’ blocks and Jacquie the “elephant’ bag.

round5_11 round5_10 round5_8 round5_9

To recap the ingredients that have been chosen so far this year:

Round # Colour Technique Alphabet
1 Pink Liberated/ Improvised G Z
2 Orange Diamonds/ Hexagons K F
3 Red Circles/ Curves C V
4 Black 3D/ Fabric Folding W L
5 Blue Traditional Piecing E P
6 Warm Crazy Piecing S H

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