ROWmakers resumes in 2022

2018 Quilt 176

This week the ROWmakers design group resumed face-to-face meetings. New year, new design challenges. Each month a colour, a shape and two letters will be drawn out.

Here is a message from convenor Joanne, including this month’s design ingredients :

The Ingredients for this month are below. Just a couple of comments on how I approach the ones that came out. Firstly, turquoise can be any colour that more or less fits between blue and green and secondly, when heart shapes don’t fit into my plan, I find some fabric that has leaf or flower petal shapes that are approximately similar to a heart shape and include a little bit of that. With the letters, of course, the skies the limit, which can cause a different kind of problem. You can always impose your own criteria to limit the options. I’m doing an I-Spy quilt so it’s limited to what children like.

   Have fun and see you next month,



Month 1 – Turquoise, Heart, W, N

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