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The next meeting of ROWmakers design group is on Wednesday 9 July, 10am for a 10.30am start, in the CQ room.

So far five rounds of combinations have been put forward to challenge the participants. At the June meeting the following were chosen:

  • Blue (Jill Kennedy)
  • Traditional Piecing (Joan Porta)
  • “E” (Leonie Grigg)
  • “P” (Liz Rose)

Of course the letters offer many different ways to satisfy- colour (emerald, pink, purple) or technique (embellish, embroidery, piecing, patchwork, pintucks), as well as many block names.

Here is a look at what was revealed for round 4 ( black,  3D/Fabric folding, ‘W’ and  ‘L’):


the quilting will answer all the questions…


lots of folding to create this flower


tiny folded stars top and bottom


3D waterlily


Jacquie is making bags this year


Jacquie is also catching up with last year’s challenge


Another butterfly from Pat


Kris is incorporating houses…

round4_17 round4_14 round4_13 round4_12 round4_10 round4_9 round4_5 round4_2 round4_1

Straight after the ROWmakers meeting and into the afternoon the William Morris interest group (Bill’s Girls) get together to talk and work on their William Morris applique projects.

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