ROWmakers meeting – 13 July

The next ROWmakers design group meeting is on Wednesday 13 July, 10am for a 10.30am start, until noon. This will be the last meeting before the exhibition and we will be having a double draw as there is no meeting in August.

The round 5 elements due in July are:

MONTH 5 – COLOUR BY NUMBERS…1.  Shades of RED (Liz Hendrickson)

– A TOUCH OF SPICE……… 1. Wool/Felt (Beres Senden)

– ALPHABET SOUP………….”P” (Yvonne Williams)

Here is a catch-up of some of the blocks revealed at the June meeting:

round4_4 round4_5 round4_6 round4_7 round4_8 round4_9 round4_10 round4_11 round4_12 round4_13 round4_14 round4_15 round4_16 round4_17 round4_18 round4_19 round4_1 round4_2 round4_3 round2_9 round2_10 round2_11 round2_12 round2_13 round2_14 round2_15 round2_16 round2_17 round2_18 round2_19 round2_20 round2_21 round2_22 round3_1 round2_1 round2_2 round2_3 round2_4 round2_5 round2_6 round2_7



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