June 10, 2014 | Posted in:Row-by-row Challenge

A reminder that there is a meeting of the ROWmakers design challenge group on Wednesday 11 June, 10am for a 10.30 start, until 12 noon.

This will see the reveals of the fourth round of challenges. The elements to be incorporated:

. BLACK (Sandra Trimble)

 . 3D/Fabric folding (Audrey Cureton)

 . ‘W’ (Liv Gee)

 . ‘L’ (Leah Clark-Vial)

Heather can’t make the meeting so has sent images of her two responses:


L is for lighthouse, ladybirds, lollies, Lefty, locker, lime green, lemons, lemonade, lobster, leaves, lizard.


W is for water, waves, wet, wombat, washing, window, wall, wood, weatherboards, walnuts, watermelon, whale, watch.

The colour black appears in several places, and the leaves of the L block are 3-dimensional


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