December 10, 2013 | Posted in:Row-by-row Challenge

The final get together for the ROWmakers design group is an informal Christmas Party, starting at 10.30am. Here is a message from convener Joanne:

Just a reminder that our Christmas get-together will be this Wednesday – same time, same place. Please bring your show-and-tell (though we’ll be less formal than last time), a small plate (but no pressure) and a Secret Santa fat quarter (if you want to participate on a “put one in, take one out” basis).  Hope to see lots of you there.

Here are some images from last month’s reveal – some are finished or nearly there, others are still in progress. Placemats were popular this year.



It’s a book- using natural dyes and stitching


It is a concertina book- in the shape of houses

canberraquilters_ROW_r8_2 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_5 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_6 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_7 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_10 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_12 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_13 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_14 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_15

canberraquilters_ROW_r8_16 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_16detailcanberraquilters_ROW_r8_17 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_18 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_19 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_20 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_21 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_22

canberraquilters_ROW_r8_23 canberraquilters_ROW_r8_23detail


members at the meeting watching quilts being revealed


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