ROWmakers Design Group meeting – 8 April

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The ROWmakers group had their second meeting for the year, in March.  The next meeting is on 10 April, 10am for a 10.30am start, in the CQ room at Cook Community Hub.

This is when the first responses to the design parameters were revealed. This year people are using a variety of materials, not just patchwork cottons. There are also linens, silk and wool as well as repurposed fabric from kimonos, stitching and other embellishment.

Joanne has been able to secure a prize from one of Canberra Quilters’ sponsors – kimoYES. If you bring a completed top to the end-of-year reveal you go into the draw for a $50 voucher to spend at kimoYES.

Here are some images from the reveal:

round1_1 round1_2 round1_3 round1_4 round1_5 round1_6 round1_7 round1_8 round1_9 round1_10 round1_11 round1_12 round1_13 round1_14 round1_15 round1_16 round1_17 round1_18 round1_19 round1_20 round1_21 round1_22

Here is an edited message from co-ordinator Joanne, with details of the round 2 challenge requirements:

After the large quilts last year, a lot of people are adopting a “small is beautiful” approach. At least this way we can fit a lot of blocks on the design walls.

This month’s INGREDIENTS have been added to the list below. Slightly more challenging than last month but not beyond the convoluted working of the mind that our members are well known to exhibit when needed. I must say that the “colour” words sound much more interesting than plain old “brown”! Of course, any related shade or word-association is fine.

And as for “J”, my kid’s Scrabble dictionary, as well as including quite a few birds and plants (and two colours – jacaranda and jade) also included possibilities like – jazzy, jungle, jester, jacket,  japanese, java, jelly(roll), jigsaw, joey, joke, jumbo and JOIN (and who doesn’t do that!).

If all else fails – leave it out! (As in JUNK it!)


MONTH 1 – COLOUR BY NUMBERS…4. Grass, Apple, Lime, Emerald, Olive, Bottle, Sage 3



MONTH 2 – COLOUR BY NUMBERS…11. Chocolate, Copper, Camel, Bronze, Fawn, Chestnut, Coffee




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