Rowmakers Design Group – 8 February

The convenor of this group, Joanne, has sent out the guidelines and list of ingredients (extracts below) via email to all those who expressed an interest. The first meeting is this Wednesday, 8 Feb, 10am for a 10.30am start, in the CQ room at Cook.

The challenge will include 9 block/rows and will run from February to November with a Christmas get-together in December. Meetings are held in our room at Cook on the second Wednesday of the month. The room is open from 10.00 with the meeting starting at 10.30 and usually over by 12.00. The room remains open after if you wish to stay. After the meeting an email is sent to participants outlining what was decided so that everyone is up to date.

It is important to remember that this is supposed to be fun! DO NOT STRESS. Flexible thinking is the key. Use your imagination, try something new – and there’s no pressure to finish if real life decides to inconveniently intrude on our fun.

Some final tips for any new member. It helps to decide on the approximate size and purpose of the quilt before you start. Also consider continuity across your rows/blocks – how to tie it together. One way is to select one fabric style, such as – Japanese, children’s, thirties, Christmas, Australiana, Kaffe Fasset, batik, reproduction, floral or a jelly roll. A common background or colour such as cream, indigo, or black/white, also works well. If you are ever uncertain, don’t worry, we have a very creative and experienced “think tank” available at every meeting.

Each month an element is drawn from each column and you make something incorporating those elements to show the next month. You can choose to take a single ‘inspiration’ from the third column for the whole year.


# Colours Additives Inspirations
1 Red Wool/ Felt Home and family
2 Pink Linen/ silk/ lace Art and literature
3 Orange Paints/ pencils/ dyes/ ink Animal, vegetable, mineral
4 Yellow Print/ words Earth, water, fire and air
5 Green Recycled/ leftovers/ found objects Heritage, tradition
6 Turquoise Vintage Places
7 Blue Geometry Celebrations
8 Purple Threads/ stitches Opposites
9 Brown Embellishments Letters
10 Neutral Improvisation Numbers

(Quilt in banner is from 2016 Rowmakers, by Wendy Hirst)


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