Rowmakers Design Group

The ROWmakers is a design group that meets once a month on the second Wednesday, February – December. The purpose of the group is to design and make a unique quilt-related project, over the course of the year, using ingredients drawn at random each month. The full list was published here. (ROW=Rowdy on Wednesday)

The next meeting is on Wednesday 12 September, 10am for a 10.30am start, in the CQ room at the Cook Community Hub. It is followed by a drop-in, until 4pm. So you can stay all day to sew. Because we won’t have a meeting in August there was a double draw of ingredients. The drawing of the letter Z promoted considerable discussion…but there are always zebras, zig-zags and zed words on fabric to choose from!

Here are the ingredients drawn out so far (seven rounds):

# Colours Techniques Alphabet
1 Green Scraps A
2 Blue Tradition with a Twist L
3 Neutral Appliqué P
4 Yellow Piecing U
5 Orange Pre-cuts/strips W
6 Purple Adapt-a-block S
7 Pink Modern quilting Z.

A number of members have chosen to stick with one technique throughout the year, e.g. Scraps, so they disregard what technique is drawn out each month. The adapt-a-block is best illustrated by Yvonne’s quilt from last year. She took one block and came up with many versions through colour and rotation and flipping.

Here are some images that show the responses for round 5 (Orange):

Check out the ‘W’ objects in the background squares!

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