ROWmakers Design group – 2020 is the 10th year!

The ROWmakers is a design group that meets once a month on the second Wednesday, February – December. The purpose of the group is to design and make a unique quilt or quilt-related project, over the course of the year, using ingredients drawn at random each month.

This year is the 10th year this has been run and the ingredients fall into three categories – colour, shape and theme. The latter has new options and is based on social themes. Each month one item is drawn from each category. The first combination is Pink / Octagon / Legend or Myth

As mentioned in the email from our co-ordinator, Joanne …

 A bit of a challenge, but don’t feel daunted. Pink can be anything from the palest ice pink to the darkest burgundy and it counts if there’s only a dot. Any eight- sided figure can count as an octagon. (I’m planning an elongated one.) The easiest to do is the snowball block. (Blame my friendship group for this one – I needed a twelfth shape and this is what we came up with.) And myths and legends can include anything from Ancient Greek myths to urban myths to present-day sporting “legends” to witches and black cats (what I’m using in my Cat quilt). 

We came up with some other approaches:

  •  Children’s quilts were popular so Fairy Tales/Nursery Rhymes, Cartoons or Movies would be an option for the whole year.
  • Liz suggested if you wanted to do a travel quilt you could chose TV Shows and use “Getaway”.
  • Song lyrics was another suggestion. (“Somewhere over the Rainbow” – and then you could just do the colour!) Another was to base a quilt on the work of a favourite artist.
  • I’m doing a Cat quilt and finding cats in each theme. You could do the same for a House quilt or a Christmas quilt. 
  • You can expand the scope of the category. Zodiac could be western star signs, Chinese horoscope animals, the associated elements (earth, fire, air, water, metal, wood) and the associated gemstones, flowers and colours.
  • Or you could do what a couple of our members have been known to do and ignore the whole category. And then someone in the group will see the block and come up with a connection anyway!I hope everyone has fun and if you’re stuck there’s always Google. (I googled cats and myths and got witches – easy.) 

The next meeting is on Wednesday 11 March, 10am for a 10.30am start, in the CQ room at the Cook Community Hub. It is followed by a drop-in, until 4pm. So you can stay all day to sew.

The full list of ‘rules’ and instructions is available here. (ROW=Rowdy on Wednesday)

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