ROWmakers 2016- first meeting 10 Feb 2016

The ROWmakers design group is back for 2016, with the first meeting on Wednesday, 10am for a 10.30 start, until noon. The meeting is in the CQ room.

This group meets monthly to build a quilt over the year, incorporating specific elements each month. Not all members are able to attend, so some participate by correspondence.

Here is a brief outline from convenor Joanne:

The purpose of this project is to design and make a unique quilt-related project. In the past, our challenges have focussed on making a quilt (either “row-by-row”, “block-by-block”, or in the case of a medallion quilt “border by border”) or a series such as placemats or bags “item-by-item” with each row/block/item/border incorporating the challenge ingredients. Once again it’s up to you which structure you chose, however, this year some of us will be choosing to use a “QUILT-AS-YOU-GO” method. Therefore anyone who has a favourite Quilt-As-you-Go technique is invited to share it with the group. I’ll talk about this at the first meeting. As always, this is entirely optional.

As before, each monthly BLOCK (for simplicity’s sake I will use the term block to cover all options) should include that month’s CHALLENGE INGREDIENTS. At each meeting three participants will choose an INGREDIENT, one from each list in the attachment – “2016 ROWMAKERS INGREDIENTS”. Not all three INGREDIENTS have to be included, two will be enough. High achievers or those with over-active imaginations are welcome to have a go at including all three! Imaginative interpretations and ‘thinking outside the box’ are definitely encouraged and have produced some really interesting results.

The details of the chosen elements will be posted on the blog each month, as well as some progress images.

Here are some of the results of the 2015 efforts, remembering they all started with the same choices each month.

Final_1 Final_22 Final_21 Final_20 Final_18 Final_17 Final_16 Final_15 Final_14 Final_13 Final_12 Final_11 Final_10 Final_9 Final_8 Final_7 Final_6 Final_5 Final_4 Final_3 Final_2

Final_19 Final_23

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