Cook Management:  Guidelines for Booking Our Room

  1. Our room should be available for use by as many members as possible.  Therefore a group activity may take precedence over an individual activity such as using the Happy Jack quilting machine.
  2. Our room is only available for patchwork and quilting activities.
  3. Only financial members of Canberra Quilters can book and use the room at Cook.
  4. An accredited Cook volunteer must be available to open and close our room for the member making the booking.  It is the responsibility of the member making a booking to find this volunteer. This volunteer does not need to be present for the duration of the activity.
  5. When making a booking, a member must fit in with the permanent bookings already in place.  However, there may be times when this is not feasible.  An order of precedence is listed below, i.e. if a group higher on the list needs to make a booking, they have preference over someone lower on the list:
  • Committee
  • Workshops organised by CQ
  • CQ regularly scheduled meetings , e.g. Wonderful Wednesdays
  • CQ Sub-Committees, e.g. QFO, Exhibition, Cook Management
  • Creative Clothing Group / Art Quilters Group / Scheduled Drop-Ins
  • Community activities organised by CQ
  • Ad Hoc use e.g. individual members using the pinning table or  Happy Jack, friendship groups

Friendship Groups

  1. Friendship groups are welcome to use our room.  The majority of members must be financial members of CQ, e.g. 3 out of 4, 3 out of 5.
  2. If a friendship group uses our room regularly, all should become members, unless there is a good reason e.g., an overseas visitor here for 3 months.
  3. Friendship group bookings, even if held regularly, are considered to be ad hoc.
  4. Requests for use of our room by community groups or non-members will be treated on a case by case basis by the Committee.

How to Book Our Room

  1. Contact the Cook Booking Coordinator to check availability of our room.
  2. If the time and date you want is already booked, try to find an alternative time slot.  If this is not possible, negotiate with the member who has already booked our room.
  3. Organise a trained volunteer to open up and close our room.  Then inform the Cook Booking Coordinator.
  4. Pencil in your booking on the Cook Bookings Calendar (on the wall to the right of the main entry door).
  5. If there appears to be a double booking then the Cook Booking Coordinator’s records will prevail.

Using Our Room

It is the responsibility of all users to:

  • Be considerate of other members’ needs at all times.
  • Share with another group who are using the space at the same time.
  • Treat all equipment with care and respect, and leave it clean and in working order.
    • Irons and ironing boards kept in the large store room are available for use.
    • Sewing machines are available for use and are kept in the cupboard behind the main entry door.
    • A Happy Jack Quilting Machine is available for use.  Read the separate guidelines for booking it
    • Other items in the store rooms are not for general use.
  • Notify the Cook Assets Coordinator* if there are problems with any of the equipment and the Cook Buildings Coordinator* if there are problems with the room.
  • Leave the rooms clean and tidy with all crockery and equipment put away and floors swept.  Please read the checklist on the notice board in our room for further details.
  • Ensure that the room is locked before leaving.

*A contact list is published on the inside page of each issue of Connecting Threads.  A contact list is also on the noticeboards in Cook.

You can contact the Bookings Coordinator by completing and submitting this online form:

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