New library items for September 2014

9781936096718TITLE: The ultimate guide to art quilting : surface design, patchwork; applique, quilting, embellishing, finishing

AUTHOR: Seward, Linda

DESCRIPTION: Contemporary quilters are expressing their artistic talents in ways never before imagined, and this book provides all the instruction you need in both classic and innovative techniques to lift your own quilting to new creative heights.

LOCATION: Art quilts



TITLE: New classic patchwork : 78 original motifs and 10 projects

AUTHOR: Saito, Yoko

DESCRIPTION: Yoko Saito offers you a cornucopia of original block designs in her signature taupe quilting style. She brings her matchless interpretation of folk-inspired blocks: stars, crosses, triangles, pinwheels, circles, and other geometric shapes to make bags, baskets, and pouches.

LOCATION: Neutrals

TITLE: Modern perspectives : 12 patterns for meaningful quilts

AUTHOR: Knauer, Thomas

DESCRIPTION: Do more than learn the how-tos of making engaging, usable quilts – you will explore the idea of why you quilt and the meaning behind your personal art. Popular quilt and fabric designer Thomas Knauer leads the conversation, sharing the whys behind these quilts. You will see that inspiration can come from anywhere: your thoughts on current issues, your bond with an online community, your relationship to traditional quilting, a sweet comment made by a child.

LOCATION: Modern quilts

TITLE: Exploring dimension in quilt art

AUTHOR: Barnes, C. June

DESCRIPTION: A fascinating guide to creating stunning dimensional effects in quilt art, from simple textured quilts to elaborate three-dimensional structures, vessels and hanging installations. From folding and gathering, which raises the surface just a little, through arranging the surface in stacks, spirals and twists, to more complex piecing of exciting spheres, pyramids, cylinders and more.

LOCATION: Art quilts

TITLE: Quilt me! : using inspirational fabrics to create over 20 beautiful quilts

AUTHOR: Brocket, Jane

DESCRIPTION: Jane’s philosophy is to start with lovely fabrics, choose simple shapes and designs, and don’t worry about perfection, throw out unnecessary rules and complications, and enjoy making and using quilts. From the shop-bought purpose-made, lightweight quilting cottons of recent years, Jane suggests returning to the traditional patchwork and quilting values, of using whatever is at hand and this could be furnishing fabric, an old garment or a practical household textile.

LOCATION: Modern quilts


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