April 9, 2008 | Posted in:CQ Administration

A new committee was appointed at the recent Annual General Meeting as follows:

  • President – Susan Blood
  • Vice President – Elizabeth Rose
  • Secretary – Jocelyn Green
  • Treasurer – Helen Rose
  • Librarian – Patricia Butron
  • Exhibition Coordinator – Anne Arnold
  • Publicity Officer – Vacant
  • Newsletter Editor – Rosemary Butt
  • Membership Secretary – Jenny Cook
  • Workshop Coordinator – Valerie van der Winden
  • Committee Member – Pat Barter

The position of Publicity Officer remains vacant. Please contact one of the committee members (or come along to the next evening meeting on 1 May) if you are interested in taking up this position to promote Canberra Quilters and its range of activities.

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  1. Trudi
    April 10, 2008

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    I was sick and missed the meeting. Congrats to everyone on your new (or old) positions.

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