New Canberra Quilters committee

The AGM for Canberra Quilters was held on 2 March and a new committee was formed. While some positions remained vacant at the AGM, the meeting was adjourned until 6 April to seek candidates for the vacant positions. Nominations have now been received for all the vacant positions and they will be formalised at the resumption of the AGM on 6 April.

Those positions filled at the AGM:

Treasurer: Janet Cruise

Secretary: Libby Williams

Exhibition Coordinator: Julie Ricketts

Membership Secretary: Elaine Jones

Librarian: Beth Clary

Newsletter Editor: Patricia Butron

Communications Officer: Nicole Shipway

Workshop Coordinator: Valerie Merritt

Committee Member:  Ruth Schwensen

Congratulations to all and thanks from the membership for stepping up to be part of our ‘Board of Directors’.

(Notification authorised by outgoing President Helen Rose.)

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