Modern Quilters meeting 10 July

The Modern Quilters are meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 10 July.

Here is a message from Michelle, one of the convenors:

This Thursday we will do a couple of things:

1. We will discuss how best to present our talk. I’m happy to speak about modern quilting, and Gemma said she could mention something about the first Modern Quilt show in Berry a couple of months ago as she both exhibited and attended. We will also need lots of show and tell – to show the meeting what modern quilts are. The quilts I’m looking at having there would be the improv quilts, quilts with negative space, with bright colours. You know – what we normally define as modern quilts.  Jenny Bowker – we might like to snaffle your quilt off you for the night if you are willing to part with it? No obligations. 

I know some of you have made quilts based on the demonstrations we have given you – so anyone with Jenny’s star quilt bring it along, also anything made with improv piecing, scrappy trips around the world, slab blocks … gosh I can’t remember what else we’ve done!

 Bring them along on Thursday night this week and we can then work out an order! Like 

  • quilts with negative space
  • quilts with improv blocks
  • quilts with bright modern fabrics and traditional blocks
  • etc etc etc!

You can also tell me what you want me to mention during the talk.

2. Gemma is headed to the Sydney quilt show on Wednesday, and has offered to put photos on her laptop and bring it along. So that will be a special show and tell. (See other post about Canberra Quilters’ members in the Sydney Quilt Show – including Michelle)

3. I will speak with Joanne about a day (after the exhibition!) when we can have a bee and work on our commonground quilts. Hopefully I’ll be able to let you know a date at our meeting this week.

4. Don’t forget regular show and tell! 

One of the members can’t attend this month but she has sent an image of what she created from last month’s exercise:


Message from Jacquie: You may recall that I was working on a theme of shades of lavender and sage and you can see in the photo the stack of strips that I have produced.

However I was inspired by the alternate colour pallet and I am making it into a table runner – have even started the quilting as you can see.

Thanks for the idea.

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