How is your challenge quilt going?

The time is coming when the exhibition pack will be released for the Annual Members Exhibition, held in August 2014 as part of the Craft and Quilt Fair. You will have until 20 June to submit an entry form. Entries are delivered on 9 August.

Every year Canberra Quilters has two challenge categories at the exhibition. For 2014 the theme is ‘Opposites’. Members can choose to respond to the theme anyway they like in their quilt or creative clothing item:

  • Quilt – measuring 70cm x 50cm, portrait or landscape orientation
  • Garment or accessory

There are many opposites in the world. You may want to choose opposites on the colour wheel- red/ green, blue/orange, yellow purple. Or go with black and white. You could have symbols like positive (+) and negative (-), Yin/ Yang, Male/ Female (♂ ♀). You represent fast and slow in some way or stop and go. Using just stitch you could create rough and smooth. There are many possibilities for you to consider. You have time to make a quilt don’t you?

Queries to Exhibition Secretary; Elizabeth Rose

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