Late last week we were contacted by the ACT Government to be told we have been allocated 128 square metres (that’s equivalent in area to a small 3-bedroom house) in what was the Cook Primary School. Please see the Press Release from the Deputy Chief Minister and Minister for Disability and Community Services, Katy Gallagher MLA. We have been told to expect a formal offer some time after October. The school is to be refurbished and a lift installed, with the estimate for occupation about mid-2009. So we won’t be moving in for a while!!

We have been told the space is one big area on the second floor, which we can subdivide. Some members of the Committee hope to be able to inspect it in the next few weeks.

Cook is fairly central and is reasonably easy to access from all parts of Canberra. Of course, some of us will have a shorter distance to travel to meetings and some of us will have longer – but the advantages of having space of our own which is truly ‘Canberra Quilters home’ will far outweigh the disadvantages.

Just think – access to the library, flexibility for QFO, a drop-in place, friendship group meeting place, small group exhibitions, workshops … the list goes on.

Your input is important. Now is the time for you to let the Committee know your thoughts and ideas on the HOO (Home of Our Own) and the HOOT (Home of Our Own Transition) – so talk to them, email them, phone them … or even post a comment here.

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