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The Canberra Quilters Members’ Exhibition opened today, in conjunction with the Craft and Quilt Fair, at EPIC in Canberra.
The judging portion of the show was held on Tuesday, 6 August. Images of these quilts and clothing will be on the website soon. Here are the results (long):

Category 1

Bed Quilt (non-professional)

1          23-Snowflake, Lynda Nikolovski
2          2- Big Blue, Joanne Barraclough
3          20- Spinning Tops, Gwen Leonard
Highly Commended -24- Cooper’s ABC, Robyn Oats
Category 2

Bed Quilt (professional)

1          35- Raconteur- The Storyteller’s Collection,
Cinzia White
2          34- Summer Trails, Anne Haddad
3          97- Fond of Flora, Cindy Watkins
Category 3

Wall Quilt (non-professional)

1          43- Street Art #1, Laraine Culnane
2          36- Canberra Warmth, Dell Armistead
3          38- 17-5641 Colour of the Year, Joanne Barraclough
Highly Commended -54 –Tree of Delight, Kathryn Labour
Category 4

Wall Quilt (professional)

1          70- Bottles, Nobuko Miyake
2          69- Baltimore or Less! The Stately Eight, Helen Godden
3          72- Blue Wren, Cindy Watkins
Highly Commended- 68- Wind Over Katatjuta, Jenny Bowker
Category 5

Mixed Media Quilt (open)

1          81- Silent Killer, Robyn McPherson
2          82- Meadow Argus, Stephanie Newman
3          79- Disappearing, Annette Horvath
Highly Commended -77- Waterway Warfare, Patrise Dowling
Category 6

Art Quilt (open)

1          86- Earth, Air and a Memory of Water, Jenny Bowker
2          96- Flying Colours: Eclectus Parrots- An Eclectic Pair, Brenda Gael Smith
3          90- Canberra, Helen Godden
Highly Commended- 95- Riparian Zone, Judy Robinson Whitty
Category 7
Group Quilt (open)

1          100- Only Way We are Going to Get There, Ann-Maree Jacobs
2          101- Barrier Reef, Beth Miller
3          98- Serengeti, June Browne
Category 8

Commercially-Quilted Quilt (open)

1          126- The Feather Beast: Slayed, Angie Wilson
Quilted by Sunflower Quilting – Raylee Bielenberg
2          113- Flying Free, Robyn McPherson
Quilted by Kay’s Quilting – Kay White
3          125- Santa and Friends, Margaret Vinning
Quilted by Altogether Quilting – Helen Smith
Category 9

Challenge Quilt (open)

1          130- Canberra Narrative – Celebrating a Century, Frances Buscombe
2          136 – Night D’lite, Colleen Reed
3          138- Celebrating the Canberra Way, Elizabeth Rose
Highly Commended- 135- Moonlit Backyard, Kay Provins
Category 10

Tiny Treasure Quilt (open)

1          146- Colour Swirl, Patricia Butron
2          156 – Snails in the Storm, Sue Wood
3          151- Tako Bowl, Wendy Saclier
Highly Commended- 155-Triangle Tangle, Sandy ThompsonCategory 11
Creative Clothing – Classic

1          157- These Boots are Made for Walking, Dell Armistead
2          161 – Poppy Parade, Kay Provins
3          158 – East Becomes West, Louise Fredericks
Category 12

Creative Clothing – Art to Wear

1          163- Remembering Virginia Avery, Sandra Farley
2          166- Cleo’s Collar, Helen Rose
3          167- Garden Border, Dawn Wilson
Category 13

Creative Clothing – Accessories

No awards made

Category 14

Creative Clothing – Challenge

1          176- My Centenary Garden, Donna Sunderland
2          174- Canberra- It Takes All Kinds to Make This City, Elizabeth Rose
3          172- Celebration, Sandra Farley
Highly Commended- 170 –Time is Something Money Cannot Buy, Dell Armistead
Category 15

Quilts by children in primary school

1          178- Autumn Breeze, Kristina Butron
2          181- Owls Are in the Air, Caylin Thompson
3          180- Brick Path, Hamish Newman
Highly Commended- 179- In the Garden, Gabbi Ciacia
Category 16

Quilts by youths in secondary school

1          183 – Sunrise Birds, Emma Hodgkinson
2          184 – My Dream Beach, Talitha Thompson
3          182- Mother Nature, Maddy Ciacia

Bernina Best of Show

86-  Earth, Air and a Memory of Water, Jenny Bowker
Bernina Amateur Encouragement Award

43- Street Art #1, Laraine Culnane
Best Use of Colour

126- The Feather Beast: Slayed, Angie Wilson
Chiatanya Designs Embellishment Award

138- Celebrating the Canberra Way, Elizabeth Rose
Retaining the Tradition

115- Retreat Station, Janelle Noack
Excellence in Hand Quilting

70 – Bottles, Nobuko Miyake
Claire Ayling Batik Award

8- Not Quite a Rainbow, Janet Cruise
Modern Quilting Award

19 – Across the Universe, Michelle Law
Bernina Excellence Award for a Junior Quilt Maker

183 – Sunrise Birds, Emma Hodgkinson
Margaret Armistead Award (for a first-time exhibitor)

43 – Street Art #1, Laraine Culnane

Allan Armistead Award (for a first-time junior exhibitor)
182- Mother Nature, Maddy Ciacia

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  1. Brenda Gael Smith
    August 8, 2013

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    Thank you for posting the results so promptly. You can view images of my quilt Eclectus Parrots: An Eclectic Pair on my blog. I am looking forward to attending the exhibition this weekend.

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