Exhibition Flyer Competition Entries

The Exhibition is less than 2 weeks away and entries for the Flyer Competition are still coming in.  (Have you got an entry to send in?)

Today we’ll be sharing with you the entries from 4 of our wonderful members; Tracy Houston, Lisa Teasdale, Kathryn Hailey and Helen Rose.

Tracy has submitted an entry for the weirdest place to see one of our Exhibition flyers; Eurovision! Eurovision was held in Malmo, Sweden.

Tracy’s second photo is for the furtherest location from Canberra. It’s a sign on the Norway and Sweden border. The frozen lake in the background is Krutvatnet.

The next entries we have are from Helen Rose. Helen sent these 2 photos from Italica, which is a Roman city that was established in Spain in about 206BC. It’s the birth place of Emporers Trajan and Hadrian. The flyer is sitting beside 2 of the many (almost) intact mosaics in the city.

This next photo from Helen is from the Renaissance palace, Casa Pilatos and, according to Helen, looks like a quilt. (Can’t argue with her on that one!)

Helen has also sent in this amazing photo of the flyer next to the tiles from the Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. (Isn’t it amazing!)

Kathryn was lucky enough to visit the New York and sent some amazing photos of a quilt store called “The Brooklyn General Store“.

Kathryn wrote:

“Last week I visited a beautiful quilt shop here in Brooklyn called “The Brooklyn General Store” It was wonderful – a very old building with oak floor boards (which creaked delightfully), original fittings, etc. And the fabrics were really different. Not the usual run of things I’ve seen – lots of stuff from the fifties, and reproductions from earlier days! And not to mention the knitting wools!!!

Anyway the lady who waited on me was really lovely – so I asked her if she would agree to put a Canberra Quilters flyer in the shop and she agreed and did so while I was there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give her a coloured flyer but the black and white one was fine! (didn’t have access to a colour printer)!

One fun thing though – as I was looking through the fabrics she had a beautiful one there from Australia with Fairy Wrens on it! That was great fun to see.” 

And rounding out our jet setting quilters is Lisa’s entry. While Lisa didn’t actually traverse the globe, her friend Nancy did and she was kind enough to take a Canberra Quilters flyer with her.

Nancy took our flyer to Arizona, Niagara Falls and Toronto. Thank you ladies for your entries, they’re all fabulous and make me long for a holiday.

If you’d like to enter our flyer competition there’s still time. There are 3 categories you could enter:

– the furthest geographical (as the crow flies) place from Canberra,

– the weirdest place possible, and

– with a celebrity.

There will be a prize offered for each category. The competition is open to all Canberra Quilters Inc members. Prizes will be awarded at the September Canberra Quilters Meeting. Entries to be emailed to angie@gnomeangel.com

Small print: Winners will be decided by the Exhibition Committee. Judges decision is final and discussion will not be entered into. Closing date is 7 August 2013.

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