DSC03819.JPG - Version 2  Dyeing Workshop2

Basics of Dyeing – Mary Kennedy

In this five hour workshop, you will learn about safe and effective ways to dye cotton fabric with procion dyes. Mary will cover some of the science and art behind dyeing to help you produce beautiful pieces of dyed fabric that you can then use in your patchwork, art and craft. You will learn how to dye fabrics in a sequence from light to dark and from primary colour to secondary colour. You will also have opportunities to experiment with a range of pattern-making techniques. Each student will leave the workshop with eleven fat quarters of dyed fabric, a set of notes and a good understanding of the processes involved.

Advanced Dyeing – Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy will take students who have done the Basics of Dyeing course or have the requisite skills on a journey around the colour wheel, producing 20 fat quarters by the end of this five hour workshop. Students will discuss topics including repeatability, dyeing to match commercial fabrics and alternative tones.