Dairy Barn 100th Anniversary – retrospective quilt show

The Dairy Barn Arts Center is in Athens, Ohio and is where Quilt National is held every two years. This is the preeminent art quilt exhibition – just to get in is a feat. Over the years a number of Canberra Quilters (Dianne Firth and Judy Turner immediately come to mind), and other Australian quilters have been successful in being chosen to exhibit in Quilt National.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Quilt National and the 100th anniversary of the barn they are holding a retrospective exhibition of quilts made by quilters who served as jurors for the various Quilt National exhibitions. Each one usually has an early work, a ‘middle’ work and a recent work. It would be a great exhibition to see in person as a number of the jurors show a traditional quilt as their early work, before they moved into art quilts. Luckily for us there is a slideshow on the Dairy Barn website so we can at least see images of the works.

Please go here to link to the slideshow of Quilt (R)Evolution: Art Quilt Retrospective 1979-2014

Quilt in banner is by Dianne Firth.

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