Please note, we have had a number of reports of problems using the entry form when members are using and Apple device and particularly if using Safari as a browser. I’m very sorry about this, but can’t do much about it at this stage, I will try to have the problem fixed for next year. The problems seem to centre around date entry and the date format and also uploading a picture file that has been resized. If you are experiencing these problems please try a date format of YYYY-MM-DD or download the entry form Here and email it to, including the photo file as an attachment. Payment can be made by direct credit to Canberra Quilters. Our bank details are: BSB: 062 909 Account Number: 00901010. You can still fill out your volunteer form online, click the link below.

Welcome to the Canberra Quilters 2019 Exhibition Entry. Before completing your entry you will need to be familiar with the Conditions of Entry and the Categories and Prizes. To download copies of these, please click on the links below. If you click on any of these links the document will open in a new window so you can refer to it without losing any information already entered.

2019 Conditions of Entry

2019 Categories and Awards

If you wish to volunteer for an Exhibition roster shift without entering a quilt in the exhibition, please click on the link below to move directly to the Volunteer Form.

Volunteer Form

Before completing your online entry you will need:

  • A copy of the Conditions of Entry and the Categories and Prizes
  • A quilt photo in jpg format, maximum size 1.5MB. Sample file name LastnameInitial1.jpg (eg CruiseJ1.jpg, CruiseJ2.jpg etc). This file must be no larger than 1.5MB.
  • Your quilt details: title, category, size (in cms) and maker’s description (50 words or fewer)
  • Design source details
  • If appropriate a copy of copyright permission in pdf or Word format, maximum size 1.5MB

If you are not sure how to resize a digital photo, here are some links that may help:

Resize photo for MAC users

Resize photo for Windows users

Resize photo using Microsoft Paint

A separate entry form is required for each item submitted.

Member's details:
Member's name (required)

Membership No



Email (required)

Are you deemed to be a professional for the purposes of this exhibition? (condition 31)
Condition 31:
For the purposes of judging at this exhibition a professional quilter is defined as someone who satisfies one or more of the following:
a) has won Best of Show or two or more first place awards in a major show (a major show is a state or territory association’s judged exhibition or competition or a national/international judged exhibition or competition)
b) has financial involvement, teaches or publishes in any medium in the field of quilting
c) sells, designs or participates in making quilts for ongoing financial gain.

Item details:
Category number and name (required)

Child or Youth Category
Child's name (required)

School year (required)

School name (required)

Parent/carer contact (required)

Quilt/clothing title (required)

Date completed must be on or after 1 January 2017. If you don't remember the exact date please enter a date showing the 1st of the month completed.
If you are using an Apple device and have difficulty with the date format please try YYYY-MM-DD.
Date completed (required)

Length (cm) (required)

Width (cm) (required)


Group quilt details (required)
If your quilt is entered in Category 7: Group Quilt (open), list the names of all quilters involved in making the quilt.

Attach quilt photo (max size 1.5mb, file type .jpg):

Describe your item, in the third person in no more than 50 words (including references to pattern source, workshop and commercial quilter – see condition 14 below). It may be edited without reference to you.

Design details (condition 14):
Condition 14:
Full details must be supplied and attribution given if your quilt or creative clothing item is made in a class or workshop (including online), from a kit, publication or commercial pattern, whether printed or online; or is commercially quilted. These details need to be included in your 50-word catalogue description.

Is the item your original design?YesNo

Provide details (required)

Quilting details (see condition 14 above):
Self quiltedCommercially quiltedOther unpaid means

by handon domestic machineon frame system

Machine make and model:

Freehand/Own patternComputer assisted

Quilter's name (required)

Company name (required)
Provide details of other unpaid quilting (e.g. friend or relative) (required)

Condition 10: A maximum of two quilts by a member may be nominated for judging. This excludes Challenge quilts (category 9), which will be judged separately.

Do you wish your entry to be judged? (see condition 10 above)

Additional details:

Is this the first time you have exhibited a quilt anywhere? (eligible for Armistead Award)
Have you been making quilts for 3 or fewer years?
(eligible for the Novice Award)
Does your quilt top comprise 50% or more Batik fabrics?
(eligible for the Batik Fabric Award)
Do you wish your quilt to be considered for the Modern Quilt Award?

Condition 29: A quilt that is already eligible for the Bernina Australian National Quilt Award (i.e. it received a Best of Show or Best of State award in another state or territory) cannot be considered for Best of Show in the Canberra Quilters’ exhibition. The quilt selected as Bernina Best of Show at the Canberra Quilters’ exhibition must be available to tour Australia in the following calendar year in the ANQA tour.
Has your quilt been deemed eligible for the Bernina Australian National Quilt Award? (condition 29)

Order of hanging preference (in case of display limitations – condition 11):
Due to space limitations it may not be possible to display all quilts entered. Where a member enters multiple quilts they must indicate an order of preference on the entry forms.

This is my choice (required)

Sale of item:
Is the item for sale

Asking price? (required)

(if yes, please complete the Intention to Sell form)

Copyright declaration:

I declare that:

I have attached copyright permission to 
use the design (condition 15).
Condition 15:
It is the responsibility of the quilt maker to obtain written permission and pay any fee to use copyright material. A copy of each permission should be attached to the relevant entry form.


Attach copyright permission:

Collection authorisation:
I will be
Able to collect my item/sUnable to collect my item/s

I authorise

(phone number)

to collect on my behalf

Administration fee:
A single $20 fee applies, regardless of the number of items you submit (condition 3). No entry fee applies to entries in categories 15 and 16 (Children and Youth).
Condition 3:
A separate entry form is required for each item submitted. A single non-refundable administration fee of $20 is required with the entry form(s). This covers all entries by a member including those items submitted for sale in the Sales Room. Interstate and overseas entries are required to pay for return postage of their entered items.
If you have already paid for an entry in the 2019 Exhibition or for participating in the sales room, please select "Already Paid"

I will pay by:

Credit cardDirect depositAlready Paid

If paying by direct deposit, either through a Commonwealth Bank branch or online directly from your account, please make sure you include your name, membership number and the capital letters EXH on the transaction and notify the Treasurer on after payment is complete.
Our bank details are: BSB: 062 909 Account Number: 00901010
Please click on the button below to send an email entry, you will then be directed to Volunteer Roster Form and payment page.

You should receive a copy of the email sent to the exhibition secretary detailing your entry.

2019 Conditions of Entry