COVID-19 Request for Assistance

We have received a request from Professor Tim Senden of the Research School of Physics at ANU to work collaboratively with the ANU MakerSpace in the production of face masks for the COVID-19 crisis. These masks will be used to cover gaps in regular supply for health care workers, including local and regional GPs and aged care facilities.

By way of introduction, the ANU MakerSpace is a community of makers that spans science, art and engineering in a series of open workshops across the ANU campus ( Ordinarily, these walk-in facilities allow staff and students from all disciplines to design and fabricate using the latest digital techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics and CNC machining. It is a very natural step for this dynamic community to galvanise into action to help bolster the local PPE supply. As a first PPE project, the team has developed a face shield production line in a few short weeks which is now aiming to make 17,000 face shields. These will be distributed across the ACT and NSW to be used if conventional supply becomes strained.

To see full details of the request please click on this link, Letter of invitation.

Your committee thinks this is a worthwhile project to pursue and uses the skills of quilters in a productive way in the current situation. If you are interested in volunteering, please open the letter and click on the link provided in it.

Happy stitching, keep busy and keep healthy.

Your CQ Committee.

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