RNCAS Spring Craft Challenge

August 21, 2020 | Posted in Call for Entries | By

The Royal National Capital Agricultural Society is holding a Spring Craft Challenge. It is based at the Hall Pavilion.

Date details are available here and the schedule & entry can be accessed from that page. Plenty of opportunities for quilters, creators of wearable art, knitters….all the crafts.

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ROWmakers final ingredients announced

August 13, 2020 | Posted in Row-by-row Challenge | By

ROWmakers design group has been communicating via email since the shutdown of meetings.

Each month two sets of ingredients were released, with the final two sets released on Wednesday, 12th August. Here is the full set:













Looking forward to seeing some responses soon.


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Library Day on Saturday, 15 August

August 12, 2020 | Posted in Cook premises, Library | By

Another Library session is planned for the room this Saturday , 15 August  (10am-2pm).

Borrowing will be permitted – members will be asked to do this quickly as only a few members will be able to access the cupboards at any one time due to spacing restrictions.  Returned books cannot be borrowed as they will need to be quarantined.

COVID Safety Procedures are being followed for this room opening – washing/ sanitising your hands, social distancing etc.

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August Evening Meeting via Zoom- 6 August

August 3, 2020 | Posted in CQ Administration, Meetings | By

We are again holding a Zoom meeting on Thursday evening, August 6th, see the details below.  This meeting will be our resumed AGM, so we need to have as good an audience as we can manage.

To join the meeting you will need to follow the link below and login using the password. We would also like any members to attend to be prepared for a virtual show and tell of what you have been up to with your needles during the shutdown.

To join the meeting click below on Thursday evening.

Katie Ley is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting – virtual meeting room will open 07:20 PM on Thursday

Meeting ID: 814 5796 4709

AGM Documents

AGM President’s Report for 2019
AGM Treasurer’s Report for 2019
Profit and Loss 2019
Balance Sheet 2019
Audit Certificate


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August Sit and Sew bookings

August 1, 2020 | Posted in Cook premises, What's On | By

The dates  for the Sit and Sew sessions for August are up on  the Canberra Quilters website. You can make a booking by completing the form here.

COVID 19 safety rules apply at these sessions.


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QFO drop off / collection session : 4 August

August 1, 2020 | Posted in QFO | By

The Quilts for Others group is having a drop off / collection session on Tuesday 4 August, from 10am until 12.30pm. COVID 19 safety rules apply.

If you have a quilt to drop off or would like a quilt to work on, this is your opportunity.


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COVID-19 Safety Plan

July 24, 2020 | Posted in Cook premises, CQ Administration | By

The purpose of this plan is to maintain the health of our members, many whom fall within the high risk category due to age or underlying health issues. The Canberra Quilters (CQ) Committee asks all members to comply with these steps to enable the room to remain open and for members to meet.

This Plan will be subject to amendment as restrictions are lifted by the ACT Government to ensure that CQ continues to comply with relevant requirements.
The Committee has set the room capacity at 12.

In view of the limited number able to attend meetings, Friendly Friday and various special interest group meetings are suspended. Attendances at the room will be for sit and sew purposes only. Members are to bring all their own equipment as no borrowing or sharing of CQ or QFO equipment (including machines) will be permitted at this time.

Members are also required to bring their own cups, tea/coffee, milk and refreshments as no gathering/ socialising will be permitted at the kitchen end.
In the current climate, the Committee asks that members do not invite visitors to attend the room. This is to enable as many members as possible to participate.
Library – other than books being returned in the return box, no library will be conducted on sewing days. Library will be undertaken separately and managed under additional guidelines.

While in the room, members are to comply with ACT health requirements regarding social distancing (1.5 metres); hand washing and cough etiquette hygiene.

1) If a member feels ill in any way, that member is to stay home and not attend the room.

2) On arrival, a member will sanitise their hands. Some members may prefer to wash their hands in accordance with the hand washing protocol. Should a member leave the room for any reason, their hands are to be sanitised/washed on return.
The volunteer/coordinator will undertake the “signing in” process for the member and will confirm with the attendee they are feeling well prior to that member taking a place in the room. Should the member advise of any feeling of not being well, the coordinator will ask them to leave.
If the number of members wishing to attend exceeds the approved number, the coordinator/volunteer will be required to ask those members to wait outside if other members are departing, or ask the members to leave. A separate exit is to be used to room entry.

3) Prior to departure, each member will undertake the cleaning protocol mentioned below of the space they occupied. This will be done when the member departs for the day, whether it is during or at the end of a session.

4) On departure, the volunteer/coordinator will sign the member out. The member will leave by the designated exit door.

5) Good air circulation by opening a window (or door when possible) should be undertaken whenever practicable.

6) Room bookings will be limited to three (3) hour blocks to enable cleaning.

7) Members are to bring all their own sewing items to minimise any sharing. Members are to provide their own cups and refreshments including tea and coffee. Crockery, glasses, tea towels or cutlery currently housed at CQ are not to be used. At the end of the session, all members’ items brought into the room are to be removed.

8) The kitchen area is not to be used for socialising as the physical distancing space is limited at this end of the room. Irons and the pinning tables are set up here.

9) Communal use items (irons, pinning tables) are to be wiped down after use. Irons and pinning tables will need to be wiped after each use, whereas an ironing board would be wiped down at the end of the session.

10) At the end of the booking time, all tables (tops and edges), chairs (seat, back, edges and legs), sink, fridge door and handle, entry/exit doors and handles, are to be sprayed/wiped with the disinfectant/detergent mix provided, dried using paper towel that is then disposed of. There may be other items such as ladders; or the hook pol, if used, will also need to be wiped.
Switches and powerpoints that were touched should be wiped over. This extends to bin lid; blind pulls, zip heater handle; code boxes (and keys) and code pad at front door. Coordinators will no doubt deal with some of items as they are used.
(Note: Fabric of chairs and switches, etc., a damp paper towel should be used.)

Christine Stewart has volunteered to clean the floor once a week as pre requirements.
The coordinator/volunteer will empty the bin as required, before departing and locking the room.

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Another library day on Saturday (18 July)

July 17, 2020 | Posted in Library | By

For those of you who were unable to go to the library day on Tuesday, another Library session is planned for the room tomorrow, Saturday, 18 July (10am-2pm).

Borrowing will be permitted – members will be asked to do this quickly as only a few members will be able to access the cupboards at any one time due to spacing restrictions.  Returned books cannot be borrowed as they will need to be quarantined.

Beth Clary

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Today (14 July) is library day

July 14, 2020 | Posted in Library | By

Members are reminded that today is library day at the CQ room. Beth and Cornelia are at the room until 2pm if you want to come over to borrow or return books.

Plenty of opportunity to find something new to sew…or to have some books to lazily browse through if you don’t feel like sewing!

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Sponsor News- last weekend for Mimosa, 13-14 June

June 8, 2020 | Posted in sponsor news | By

For those who haven’t caught up on the news, CQ sponsor Mimosa Interiors is closing down. The last days they will be open are next weekend, 13-14 June from 11am-4pm.

Mimosa has 50% off all stock (lots of lovely reproductions).  Open Saturday and Sunday. They are at Federation Square at Gold Creek.

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