February 17, 2019 | Posted in:CQ Events

You can bring a sewing machine or work by hand, participate in projects and small learning sessions or do whatever you bring along, as well as enjoy great quilty-minded company. Come along and join us.

Location: Greenhills Conference Centre, Cotter  
Dates: 10am Friday 11 October 2019 to 4pm Sunday 13 October 2019  
Costs: Weekend Package- 3 days/ 2 nights, arrival from 10am Friday $240
  Overnight package- 2 days/ 1 night incl 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner, accommodation (1 night), 1 x breakfast $140
  Day stay (includes lunch and snacks)                                  1 day $35
  2 days $70
  3 days $100


Deposit $50 (fully refundable up to 1 October – subject to minimum numbers reached), then regular payments at monthly meetings or electronically.

Please email Marcia if you would like more info or to book a spot.


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