Art Quilters- Saturday 9 April

The next meeting of the Art Quilters group is this Saturday, from 1-4pm in the CQ room at Cook.

Please bring books to share, show and tell etc.

The mini workshop will be on weaving, led by Patricia. Here is a message from Patricia, with a description and a list of requirements:

We will work with fabric which needs to have Vliesofix already ironed on the back. This will save us time and we can start cutting right away. You may want to leave the paper on, and only remove it once we are ready to start cutting the strips.

The woven strips will be ironed on directly to the wadding, and the final stitching is done on a complete sandwich (that, is with a backing fabric as well), so the piece is finished relatively quickly. On Saturday, we probably won’t have time to do all the stitching, so you don’t need to bring your sewing machine, as this step can be done later at home.

The “trick” to add interest to the piece is to use fabrics with gradients or variations from one side to the other, so dig into your stashes and try to find some material with either a colour gradient, a variation in the print from one side to the other, or both! As we need two pieces of fabric (one will be the “warp” and the other will be the “weft”), it could also be one piece with colour/design variations, the other could maybe have stripes?

We will be cutting freehand with the rotary cutter. If you want wavy lines, a rotary cutter with a small blade works best. I used an 18mm diameter blade, and went overboard with the curves – which was not such a good idea after all!!! (I’ll show you why).  So, you can still use the regular size.

You will need:

  • Two square pieces of fabric, with Vliesofix already ironed on the back. Fat quarter size works well, but try to have enough variation of print and/or colour, at least in one direction (length or width), in both fabrics, or at least in one of them.
  • One square piece of batting, about 2 inches larger than the fabrics. “Flat” batting works well; I used cotton batting, but you may bring what you have. Even some flannel would do!
  • One square piece of backing fabric, roughly the size of the batting. We may not use it during the workshop, but you will need it to finish the piece.
  • Rotary cutter and a large enough cutting mat (I used an 18” by 24” one).
  • Pins



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