July 10, 2014 | Posted in:Art Quilters Canberra

The Art Quilters are meeting this Saturday from 1-4pm.

Buffy has asked members to bring show & tell as well as the usual books and ideas to share.

Anne Dickens has offered to teach us to make a small notebook on Saturday … to join in, please bring:

  • 18 sheets of printing paper – position landscape and cut in half horizontally
  • Soft thread: pearl 8 is good
  • Needle
  • Paper scissors
  • Pencil and ruler

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  1. Andrea McMillan
    July 10, 2014

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    So … A4 sheets?
    … and cut in half so they are long and skinny, not A5?
    Or have I understood that all wrong?
    I might have to call in to work on my way somewhere tomorrow and do my slicing on their guillotine … as long as I remember to take my paper with me 🙂

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