May 6, 2015 | Posted in:Art Quilters Canberra, Meetings

This Saturday is the meeting of the Art Quilters group from 1-4pm in the CQ room.

Please bring along anything you are working on to show everyone and hang on the walls during the meeting. Perhaps you can ask the others for help if you are stuck with a piece. Buffy is returning from her extended stay in the USA – lots of tell and some show, surely!

Here are some links and information provided by Wilma:

Textile support google art project has online courses

Flo Snook she does some wonderful embroidery on canvas

Trisha hassle uses metal in her designs zentangles and tutorials has the most wonderful Zebra series

Jeanette de Nicholas Meyer

Quilt in banner is by Yvonne Williams – Off to Feed the Horses


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