Art Quilters meeting – 8 October

Slow Stitch - Hidden Objects

The Art Quilters meeting is this Saturday, 8 October, in the CQ room at Cook. The meeting runs from 1-4pm.

Bring along show & tell, as well as books and magazines, info on websites that you would like to share with the group.

Member Laraine will be leading the mini workshop, which is all about slow stitching and hidden objects. If you would like to join in, here is the requirements list:

1.  Material for the top – can be square, rectangle, even round if you wish (I cut my top, backing and batting each at 6 1/2″ square but you can make yours any size you want)

2.  Material for the backing (same size as above piece)

3.  Batting (again same size as above and I used a left over piece of bamboo quilt batting))

4.  Objects for “hiding” (I used a few buttons of different sizes, safety pins and a shower curtain hook.

4.  Needle and cotton for basting items to the batting.

5.  Coloured thread of your choice for hand stitching the three layers together (I used a selection of different coloured DMC stranded cottons which I will bring with me just in case.

6.  Some pins would be handy to hold the layers together while you work.

Here is an image of Laraine’s work:

Slow Stitch - Hidden Objects
Slow Stitch – Hidden Objects



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