Art Quilters meet 8 November

The Art Quilters meet this Saturday from 1pm, in the CQ room at Cook. Here is a message about the activity of the day:

Mini-workshop – Art Quilt Maps

Anieta is going to have examples of an art quilt map and she suggests you bring fabric and other materials that can be collaged into a map … see below 

“Map quilts can be based on real maps or imaginary ones, some are quite obviously maps and others are very abstract.

 Backgrounds can be improvisationally pieced or use just one fabric.  Use similar colours of fabric for the piecing and then paint it even out the colour by using watered down paint about 3 parts paint to 1 part water.  Leave some parts unpainted or lightly painted for variety. 

Allow to dry and iron from the wrong side. 

You can use white paint enhanced with a touch of colour found in the main fabric.

 Use a layer of sheer pieces to add interest.

 Roads can be added with stitch, paint, appliqué or narrow inserted strips of fabric.

 Buildings can be added as appliqué or painted. 

 Consider adding a photo printed on fabric to add interest or use a transfer method to attach to map quilt.  Remember to print a mirror image if transferring.  “


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