July 17, 2014 | Posted in:Member News, Workshops

Member Helen Godden is running a live-in workshop weekend at Warrambui and has had a number of cancellations due to illness. She is offering a significant discount on the usual fee because of the short notice – it is now $275, which covers all meals, accommodation and tuition and fun for the whole weekend.

To quote Helen”… its my Crack Pots class … the requirements list is dead simple and they bring toiletries and sheets. No cooking, no kids, no 1/4 ”  seams, no quilt police. ”
If this sounds like something you would be interested in go to Helen’s website for details – http://helengodden.com/arty-farty-weekend You need to scroll down a bit to see about the Crack Pots class. Her mobile number is there to make direct contact.

Here are a couple of images, courtesy of Helen, of what you will be working towards.

Helen Godden_crack pots Helen Godden_crack pots2

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