September 21st. Corded Spiral Bags

Tutor: Ruth Ellis  Cost: $50.00 members $55.00 non members
In this workshop I will show you how to wrap, shape and sew covered cord into a sturdy, practical tote bag or small bowl. I have used these techniques to make many items—bags of many shapes and sizes, placemats, coasters, table runners, mats and poufs. The only limit is your imagination and then you can embellish as you wish.






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October 12th and 13th.  The Plays the Thing: Improv Sketches

Tutor: Pat Pauly (International Tutor) Cost: $250 or $275 for non members

With a passion for sharing her work and methods of making art, Pat Pauly teaches workshops that are always fast paced, energized, and fun. A sought-after lecturer and teacher in contemporary fiber arts, Pat Pauly demonstrates her wealth of knowledge from decades design work. Internationally recognized, her work evokes natural forms that are bold and graphic. Since the 1980s, her art quilts have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions. With workshops that focus on design and technique, she helps students to know when to apply the rules, and when to toss them out. Pat Pauly’s studio is in Rochester, New York.

Join Pat Pauly in learning the quick steps to composing improvisationally – or improv – by building a composition from pieces you’ve created. It’s a great way to see how a composition can be made without a plan, pattern, or idea – just made as one design grows. This class talks about composition, what works, what possibilities develop, and what to take away from the sketch. With her handful of piecing techniques, and tips on construction, we will make mini-works that can be the finished art quilt or become the base for larger work that begins a series. Let go of templates and see possibilities develop.




Fabric Dyeing Workshop

 Tutor: Mary Kennedy

When: Saturday 2nd November

Cost: $130 members $150 non members

The workshop.

Get ready for a journey around the colour wheel, you will produce 20 fat quarters by the end of the workshop. You will have fun designing your own fabric using ice, stamps and stencils.

The tutor.

Mary Kennedy is an accredited teacher with Canberra Quilters with extensive experience dyeing fabric, and has developed techniques which allow her to reproduce colours to order.

The cost includes all materials needed for the workshop. This includes dyes, chemicals, safety equipment, dyeing pattern making equipment and five metres of ready to dye fabric.

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