Fabric Design and Quilt Design – Saffron Craig

Date: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November 2014
Where: Canberra Quilters Meeting Rooms, Cook
Cost: $340 (includes a $85 kit fee – 1metre linen cotton fabric, screen and squeegee and special fabric printing ink).

Saffron Craig is a Sydney based artist, fabric designer and teacher of screen-printing and design workshops. She has been designing fabric for the past 7 years. Saffron has seen her fabrics exported all over the world and turned into quilts and all manner of wonderful sewn pieces. Her fabrics are loved for their bright, happy colours, whimsical motifs and bold geometric style.

In Saffron Craig’s two-day workshop she will share with you her love and knowledge of fabric design and quilt design. You can expect to take away with you your very own hand printed quilt top, a wonderful experience with like-minded people and inspiration for your work.

On Saturday you will prepare a plan for the weekend for creating your quilt. Saffron will show you how to create your very own unique fabric designs, which you can then be use as panels or blocks in your quilt or in a wall hanging or bag.

You’ll learn how to use the paper-cutting screen-printing technique to create your own unique fabric design. Using your favourite colours you’ll be able to create striking bold designs.

On Sunday your fabric will be cut up and then sewn into a quilt top, or wall hanging. You can choose to use only hand printed fabrics or you can combine your designs with your favourite fabrics from your stash.

For design ideas see:

Saffron Craig’s Website

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Saffron’s Pinterest Design Board

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